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  • Lucas Ralph Souder - born to Colleen & Adam Souder on January 10, 2016 at 12:47pm; 8 lbs. 10 oz. Mom, Dad, big sister Fiona all doing well!


  • Otto Francis Wenzler IV: born 10/28 at 7:35AM- 7 pounds, 1 ounce; 21 inches. It's already apparent that he's a great guy! He appears to have the darker hair that some of Dad's side of the family was also born with. Annie is doing great. Rose, Fritz and Pearl are very proud of their new baby brother!


  • Dan DiSalleApril 2, 2014: Our thoughts and prayers are with the DiSalle family as we mourn the loss of Daniel Joseph Disalle, Sr. (1935-2014). The family hosted a wonderful celebration of Dan's life and legacy, and the positive impact he made on his community will never be forgotten. Our hearts are with his family at this difficult time.
  • Congratulations to Fritz (FP) and Annie Wenzler, who welcomed the newest addition to their family on 1/11 at 6:44 a.m.
    IT'S A GIRL!- Pearl Eloise Wenzler- 7 lbs, 12oz; 20.5 in.
    From Fritz: As if having another baby wasn't exciting enough, it was quite the adventure getting to the hospital when the roads were covered with ice. By the time we finally got there, we were only in the hospital for 16 minutes (exact time, according to the nurses there) before she was born- the staff referred to the birth as "the drive by." Visit their page for more pictures!



  • Fritz Patrick Wenzler, Jr. was welcomed by Fritz & Annie Wenzler on January 17 at 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20.5 in. Congratulations!


  • Congratulations to Joe & Nancy on the newest addition to their family, Grant Michael DiSalle! Born December 15 at 7:06 p.m. at 8 lbs 5 oz., 21 in.
  • July: A beautiful reflection about the family baptismal gown, written by Caroline German about her daughter Genevieve's baptism.
  • Congratulations to Katie Wenzler, who married Dan Nye on Saturday, June 25 at St Hugo in the Hills Catholic Church in Bloomfield Hills!
  • Congratulations to Caroline & Ted German! Baby Genevieve Louise was born on March 6 at 10:20 a.m.. 7lbs 3oz 20in.
  • Check out the Parents Magazine article about the Wenzler family, located in the History section of the website. Thanks to Uncle Marty for the idea and to Ralph Owens for scanning it!
  • Happy birthday Uncle Joe, from all of us to you! Greetings to all the family celebrating in Florida.
  • Issue with Kodak Gallery has been fixed! Thanks for the heads-up, Uncle Marty.


  • Pictures from Emilie's 60th birthday in Philadelphia!
  • September 2: Family Tree updated (under History)! Also, be sure to visit Sarah Gillespie's blog, A View from the Pier!
  • August: Thanks to everyone who helped to plan, organize, feed, house, and entertain a big group of Wenzlers for the 2010 Reunion! Visit the following links for pictures (more to come):
  • Reunion update!
    Friday, August 13
    - two gatherings, Bloomfield/Detroit AND Sylvania/Toledo:
    • Barbeque for 2nd and 3rd generation adults (18+) hosted by Mark & Sue Nagel
      Please respond to Sue N if you plan to attend.
    • Evening gathering hosted by Emilie & Ralph Owens
  • Saturday, August 14 Beachwood Swim and Tennis Club hosted by the Perham family
  • Please contact Chris Wenzler if you are able to host out-of-town Wenzlers for the August reunion or are able to volunteer your time. And remember to save the date: August 13-15, 2010!
  • Visit FP & Annie Wenzer's page for a baptism photo of baby Rose!
  • Matt and Anna Wenzler welcomed Lauren Renee Wenzler on May 5 at 4:18 a.m.! Congrats to the proud parents!
  • Congratulations to Annie and FP, who had their baby on Sunday, April 25. Rose Josephine was born a healthy happy baby girl at 7lbs 9 ounces. Baby and mom are doing fine! (Thanks to Heidi for sharing the happy news!)
  • Save the date for Wenzler Reunion 2010! From Chris Wenzler: We plan to go Friday to Sunday, Augut 13-15. We would like to go one night (Friday) in Toledo, and then gather in Birmingham on Saturday late afternoon/evening at a swim & tennis club near the Perhams. Of course, there would be attempts to do morning and afternoon sails. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Check out these wonderful photos, scanned by Jenny & Tom Kaugher!


  • New photos from the DiSalle's Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations! Thanks to Eric for sharing these.
  • Visit our new Birthday Songs page. It would be REALLY fun to get a video or audio file of one of our birthday songs in action...any volunteers? Thanks to Uncle Chris for the suggestion! David I Wenzler
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of David Ignatius Wenzler (July 20, 1937 - November 24, 2009): David Ignatius Wenzler, of Brighton, passed away on Tuesday, November 24, 2009. Born July 20, 1937 in Toledo, OH, he was the son of Otto and Josephine Wenzler. He worked in the automotive industry as a vice president of sales and marketing. Beloved husband of Lisa Maria whom he married in New Vernon, NJ on April 22, 1967. Loving father of Martha (Dr. Craig Willis) of Cincinnati, OH, Gretchen (Dr. Jeffery Nielsen) of Frankenmuth, MI, Dr. David L. Wenzler of Royal Oak, MI, and Katharina Wenzler of Ann Arbor, MI. Devoted grandfather of Jacob, Leah, and Eric Nielsen, and Joshua and Aaron Willis. Also survived by nine brothers and sisters and many nieces and nephews. Memorial contributions are suggested to U of M Prostate Cancer Research fund.
  • Lots of new Wenzlers on the way: Matt and Anna Wenzler, Fritz and Annie Wenzler, and Nancy and Joe DiSalle are all expecting!
  • Joey BWishing comfort to Chris Wenzler and all of the family and friends of Joseph Francis Bauchiero (December 3, 1969 - October 29, 2009). From Uncle Chris: I’d just like to share a few thoughts to all of you dear Family and Friends of both Joey and me – First, I thank every one of you for your love and support for both of us over the years, and especially these past couple weeks. I was so blessed to have Joey in my life, and as the love of my life, and I’ve been so blessed to have your love over these days. Ah Joey, Joey always seemed to feel – and feel passionately I might add! – that it wasn’t so important to him to worry too much about where he was going after life on earth – as I think he felt he didn’t have much control over that part – But what he did think was important was what he did here on earth – how loyal he was, how truthful he was, how sincere he was, and how loving he was. For a guy from Southington CT and points beyond, Joey had pretty interesting life as I see it. There was not too much sadness, a lot of happiness, and lots and lots of fun and perhaps most importantly, he didn’t do much of anything that he did not want to do!! That’s not a bad life by any measure. Seems we are all obligated to and strive to accomplish something in this life, and for Joey I think he just wanted to be a Good Guy, and for us, all of us, to remember him as a Good Guy. Well, I think it can be said that our Joey accomplished his life’s goal!! Joey, you were a Good Guy and we – all of us – will forever be thankful that we were able to know you and for many of us Love and be Loved by you !! My sister Emilie told me something that I use Everytime I think of the terrible agony that Joey was going through both physically and mentally, especially in the last months. I remember and I remind myself that Joey Has Seen the Glory, the absolute Glory of God and Life ever after!!! – and I smile and I feel better! Love to all of you guys, Chris
  • Congratulations to Colleen and Adam, who were married on October 17 in Toledo followed by a honeymoon in Key West at Uncle Chris' condo! View photos from the wedding ceremony, park, and reception.
  • The newest Wenzler: August Martin Winegardner, born April 1 at 12:17 p.m. to Amy and Maury! 8lbs.14oz. The name August was chosen as it is from both the Wenzler and Peters (Sue’s mom’s side) of our families. Emma Egger’s 2nd husband was August De Montrose Mueller, - a Baron and a Mayor, and Sue had an Uncle named August also. All are well and we couldn’t be happier! (From Uncle Marty)
  • Congratulations Caroline and Ted! Archie Graham German, born March 7, 7lbs. 19.75 in.


  • John & Missy DiSalle are adopting a daughter, Rose Alejandra, from Guatemala on Saturday, October 4. Congratulations!
  • Check out GM Performance Division's website...recognize the racecar driver in the orange jumpsuit? Click on "Racing Vehicles" if you need another hint!
  • Chrissy Gillespie and Melisa Coburn were married in Sonoma, CA on September 20 -- click here for pictures of the family!
  • Colleen Owens is engaged! The lucky guy is Adam Souder. No date yet, but we'll keep you posted.
  • Amy Winegardner is expecting! Congrats, Amy and Mauri!
  • New photos from Fritz & Annie
  • News clip from NBC on Katie Gillespie’s husband, Scott Seeley
  • Liz makes an appearance on GM's website? (see if you recognize the racecar driver in the orange jumpsuit)
  • April 12: Congratulations Katie and Scott! Pictures from the Gillespie-Seeley wedding from Marty and Emilie.
  • New pictures from Nancy & Joe DiSalle
  • Anna and Matt’s little boy, Luke Matthew, arrived at 7:43 p.m. on Feb. 19. He’s healthy, 6lbs. 1oz., 19 inches long and has a full head of dark hair. Congratulations!
  • Pictures from Anna's baby shower are up.
  • Over Christmas break, Stephen, Michele, Ingrid, Scott and Vivian Wenzler visited Germany. Check out their new web page!
  • New web page: Chris, Melissa, Madeline & Oliver Wenzler!


  • Jane and Christina DiSalle have published a mother-daughter cookbook entitled "Passport to Paris," a collection of recipes showcasing delicious French cuisine. Click here to visit www.thepariscookbook.com. The DiSalles were also featured in the October 24th edition of the Toledo City Paper!
  • October 20: congratulations, Heidi & Steve! New pictures from the celebration (thanks, Uncle Marty)!
  • From Sarah: "Clint Stout, Kellogg Community College's Head Men's Basketball Coach was awarded Coach of the Year by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan (BCAM)." Check out the Stout's page for pictures!
  • Gillespie news! "Dr. Sarah Katie got engaged over the weekend. She'll be Dr. Katie - married lady. Her fiance is Scott Seeley (they have been a couple for 5 years). They plan to have a winter wedding in NYC."
  • New MFW page!
  • Peter Stanton Winegardner was baptized on Sunday, August 12! Click here for photos.
  • From Nancy and Joe: Baby Ava Grace DiSalle arrived Tuesday August 7th! 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 1/2 inches.
  • News from the East Coast: Ingrid graduated Cum Laude from Connecticut College on May 20 with a B.A. in English!
  • Lots of new photos in the 90s - Present section.
  • July 7: Eric and Mandy's wedding! Pictures located here.
  • Congratulations to Katie Gillespie, who earned her Ph.D.!
  • Check out the newest family webpage: the Stouts!
  • The genealogy reports have been updated.
  • May 11: Dave Wenzler, M.D.! Dave graduates from U of M med school. He will start his 6 year residency in Urology at Beaumont in July!
  • April 28: Kate Wenzler graduates from Michigan with a B.A. in sociology (thanks to Gretchen for the family updates!)
  • April 1: Heidi and Steve have a baby boy! 8lbs. 4 oz., named John Harold (after Nancy's father). Mother and baby are doing well.
  • March 7: Aaron Broderick Willis is born to Martha and Craig!
  • January 22: Peter Stanton is born! Congratulations to Amy and Mauri Winegardner! (photo of baby Peter)


  • May 10: John & Missy DiSalle welcome a baby boy, (Matthew).
  • Congratulations to Melisa & Chrissy Gillespie, whose baby girl, Magnolia, was born on July 27!
  • Heidi Wenzler marries Steve Cooley on December 9. Congrats!


  • Gretchen and Jeff Neilson have a baby boy (Eric).
  • Joe and Nancy DiSalle welcome a baby girl, Vivian, on April 1.
  • Lizzie Owens and Brandon Boltz are married on June 4 at Rosary Cathedral. Click here for wedding pictures.
  • July 16: Fritz Wenzler and Annie Cowan tie the knot!


  • February 9: Martha & Craig Willis have a new baby boy, Joshua.
  • Caroline DiSalle marries Ted German on May 22! Congrats!
  • August 4: Baby Jasper born to Chrissy Gillespie & Melisa.
  • Matt Wenzler and Anna Von Gruenigen are married on September 18.


  • May 2: Sarah & Clint Stout welcome baby Josephine!
  • Congratulations to Buffy & Rob Koenen, who had a baby boy, Daniel, on May 3.
  • Baby Michael born to Paul & Elena Nagel – August 13.
  • September 27: Joe DiSalle marries Nancy Marcuit.
  • Bob & Mary Schlatter have a baby boy (Ian) on December 9.
  • Baby Leah born to Gretchen & Jeff Neilson!


  • January 6: Sarah Nagel and Clint Stout tie the knot!
  • Dan & Jane DiSalle – baby boy, Jacob, born May 24.
  • Baby boy, James, born on May 24 to John & Missy DiSalle.
  • June 27: Congratulations to Paul & Molly Wenzler on their baby girl, Anna!
Older News


  • Elena & Paul Nagel welcome a baby boy on March 7: Jacob (Jake) Brendan Nagel, 8 lb 12 oz 21 inches.
  • Amy Wenzler Engaged!


  • Molly & Paul Wenzler expecting their first child (a girl) in July
  • Melissa and Peter Wenzler expecting a baby girl in July
  • Jacob Bennett born to Gretchen and Jeff Neilsen
  • Honey Dear's 90th
  • John & Missy's wedding
  • Gillespie's head "south", part-time.
  • Andre Vincent born to Mary Catherine and Bob Schlatter, 7lbs 9oz.
  • Fritz Wenzler's Ashes Scattered in Narragansett Bay, RI.
  • According to their brother David, Gretchen and Jeff are expecting a baby on October 08. Congrats!
  • John Gillespie has taken a VP position at Chesapeake Corporation in Richmond, VA. He and Sarah will be commuting back and forth from Westport for the near term.
  • John DiSalle & Missy Telb set a wedding date: August 26 in Toledo
  • Baby Anna Elizabeth born to the Chris DiSalle family on 2/5/00 @ 4:37 AM, at 7lbs 8oz.
  • Martha Wenzler engaged


  • Otto F. Wenzler III 1938-1999
  • Wenzler Family Website Created
  • Paul Nagel marries Elena Futris on June 26th at St. Hugo of the Hills (in Michigan). The reception was held at Meadowbrook Hall.
  • Mary turns 60
  • John DiSalle engaged
  • Mary Catherine is expecting
  • Topher moves to Austin
  • Otto's brick to be placed in the U of M Alumni Plaza
  • Baby Maxwell born to Elizabeth & Rob Koenen
  • Baby Oliver born to Melissa & Chris Wenzler
  • Josephine turns 89!
  • Paul Wenzler weds Molly Tully